More Gleanings from the Glossies

Having recently downsized from a three bedroom home to a one bedroom with a sunroom apartment I know the pain of getting rid of things, some you love, some you just had. Finding Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was a godsend and a comfort. I want to share this article from Houzz with my readers. Some of it I agree with some I don’t.

Have you done it? When I was on the process of letting go of things it felt both raw and wonderful. I felt lighter and strangely lost weight, literally lighter in the process. And now that I am settled in my new home I feel the urge to purge even more things which take up space in my life.

Would you tidy up?  Have you already or are you in the process of tidying up?  What are your experiences?


Gleaningsfromtheglossies from a dry cleaners daughter.

Having just downsized my life from a three bedroom home to a one bedroom apartment, I realized my closet needed work.  Tip: got a grease stain on your favorite tee?  Put some liquid dish soap on the spot (s) before you was the shirt, and the spot vanishes.  I use cold water, saves money, but hot will work too, but who uses hot these days?  Even if I decided to consign or donate some clothes, having them in top shape help glean the best prices from consignment or  higher gain for the charity you’ve decided to donate to.

Did I tell you I lost 50 lbs in the move?  I downsized not only my living quarters, I downsized my body, and new need all new clothes. Thankful I found the book by Marie Kondo, THE LIFE CHANG ING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP: THE JAPANESE ART OF DE CLUTTER ING & ORGANIZING.  And Caroline’s blog, UNFANCY.